Who may qualify?
  • An innocent victim of crime who suffers substantial threat of physical and/or emotional harm or death.
  • A dependent victim.
  • An authorized individual acting on behalf of a victim.
  • An intervener who goes to the aid of a victim or peace officer.
  • A person who legally assumes the obligations or voluntarily pays certain expenses related to the crime on behalf of the victim.
  • Immediate family or household members related by blood or marriage who require counseling as a result of the crime.
  • A peace officer, firefighter or individual who has a duty to protect the public and who is injured in a crime.


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1. Who may qualify?
2. Who is not eligible?
3. What crimes are covered?
4. What type of financial assistance is available?
5. How do I apply?
6. What are my rights to appeal when benefits have been reduced or denied?