Senior Center

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City of Roanoke Parks & Recreation Department 

Senior & Community Center


The Roanoke Parks & Recreation Department is committed to providing trained and knowledgeable personnel prepared to serve our growing community’s needs. We strive to continually improve our organization through the use of innovation, allowing us to provide the highest level of service possible to those in need.


  • Accountability: Holding ourselves and others accountable to a code of ethics derived from our own core values.
  • Commitment: Dedication to our personal convictions for service of each other and the community. 
  • Innovation: Adapting to changing needs and technology, avoiding stagnation, while respecting tradition.
  • Service: A calling to provide thoughtful customer care that exceeds expectations.

The Roanoke Senior & Community Center, located at 312 S. Walnut Street, offers a variety of activities, weekly lunches, field trips, educational and social activities for those wanting to meet new friends and stay active! 

Senior Center Activities Calendar 

Click here to view the fall 2023 parks and recreation activities guide. Senior activities begin on page 31.

Registration Process

All activities, classes, trips and events require registration. After registering, you will receive a confirmation, which you will need to keep as a reminder. All programs with a fee must be paid for in full at registration. Be sure to register early as many programs have limited space! Call 817-491-6060 or email to register. 


Transportation to the Roanoke Community/Senior Center is provided to Roanoke residents residing inside the SPAN Service area and will transport to any location in Denton County. For more information regarding rates and routes please contact the SPAN office at 940-382-1900.

Current Information

It is important that we have your current contact information so we can communicate with you at the appropriate times, including reminder calls, event announcements and schedule updates. Please complete the information form and bring it to the Center. We must have this in our file before your participation.

Click here to download the personal information form