Sponsorship Opportunities

The City of Roanoke hosts many great events each year thanks to the generous partnerships of our sponsors. Because of our sponsors, 

we were able to make nearly all of the activities in our events free to the public, and were able to donate $27,000 to charity.

In 2022 the City of Roanoke: 

  • Roanoke hosted 12 events, including a 6 concert series, and a 26 week farmer’s market. 
  • Roanoke welcomed nearly 70,000 guests to events over the last 12 months. 
  • Roanoke advertising included: a social media following of over 27,000, a social media reach of 491,750, and paid digital, print and radio advertising reaching 1.5 million.
  • Roanoke sponsorships, including cash and in kind donations, totaled over $80,000. 

2023 includes some exciting new additions to our sponsorship packages including: 

  • Sponsors donating $3,000 and up will be included on event advertising on all 3 of our new digital billboards, which reach over 220,000 cars per week.
  • Digital advertising, video promotions via Tik Tok, and an increased presence in the Texas travel market will be included in the Roanoke event marketing campaigns. 
  • Sponsorships over $2,000 will be included in the highly visited event webpages on RoanokeTexas.com, as well as mentions on Roanoke social media pages.

Sponsoring City of Roanoke events is not only a great way to partner with, and support, the 76262 community but is also an excellent opportunity for marketing your business or organization. 

You can choose from many sponsorship opportunities and pay annually, or per event. Simply choose the events you would like to sponsor, and the level of sponsorship per event, upon check out. Should you have questions prior to agreeing to a sponsorship, please contact Diane Rice at drice@roanoketexas.com, 817-491-6077. 

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