Red Light Camera Citations

Red Light Camera FAQ :

The Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1631, which prohibits Texas cities from operating red-light camera programs. In addition, the law prohibits the withholding of vehicle registrations for non-payment of outstanding violations.

The City of Roanoke has officially ended the red-light camera program at all locations, as of June 2, 2019. This is the effective date of House Bill 1631. Staff is coordinating with Redflex for the removal of all cameras and equipment.

Do I have to pay outstanding citations issued by the City of Roanoke for a Red Light camera offense?

No. The City of Roanoke is no longer collecting payments on outstanding red light camera violations, and all outstanding red light camera violations will be dismissed.

If I previously paid for a citation, will I receive a refund?

No refunds for previous paid citations will be issued.

May I file an appeal for my red-light camera citation?

No, the City will not be pursuing enforcement on red-light camera citations.

My vehicle registration is on hold due to an outstanding red-light camera citation, what do I do?

House Bill 1631 removes the ability for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles or counties to withhold vehicle registrations due to non-payment of a red-light camera citation. Please contact the Tax Assessor-Collector for the county in which you reside to discuss your registration status.