Can I evict my family member?

Disputes within a family or household can be emotionally draining, physically injurious and financially difficult. Many times people ask Officers, “can I make my spouse/family member/adult child or other person leave my house?” Officers are not lawyers and may not give legal advice. Persons who are living in your house may have gained the right to live there until they are ordered to leave through a legal process called an eviction. Because evictions are a civil matter (a matter that would be settled in a non-criminal court), you may want to consult your private attorney or seek assistance through the Justice of the Peace Court that is nearest to the residence. An Officer’s duty when dealing with civil matters is to preserve the peace. 

When you contact an Attorney or Justice of the Peace Court regarding an eviction, keep these things in mind:

  • Some courts do not view evictions regarding family disputes the same way as they do Landlord/Tenant disputes.
  • Ask about what forms the Court requires and how to obtain those forms.
  • Ask what notice requirements the Court has and how much time the process takes.
  • Remember that in an eviction process you do not automatically have the right to keep someone’s property from them without a Court Order. It will be best to talk to a lawyer or the Justice of the Peace Court. Listed below are Justice of the Peace Courts in Denton County. A Google link is included to help you find the locations of these Courts. 
Justice of the Peace Courts
Denton County
Address/Google Map Link Precinct Telephone Number
Joseph A. Carroll Building
401 W. Hickory
Denton, TX 76201
JP1940-349-3170 (Metro)
972-434-8857 (Metro)
Frisco Government Center
5533 FM 423
Frisco, TX 75034
Lewisville Government Center
190 N. Valley Pkwy #100
Lewisville, TX 75067
JP3972-434-4750 (Metro)
Southwest Courthouse
6200 Canyon Falls Drive
Flower Mound, TX 76226
Steven Copeland Government Center
1400 FM 424, Suite 124
Cross Roads, TX 76227
JP5940-349-3460 (Metro)
Sandy Jacobs Government Center
1029 W. Rosemeade Pkwy
Carrolton, TX 75007
JP6972-434-7100 (Metro)