Crime Victims' Compensation

Crime Victims' Compensation

Crime Victim's Compensation is a financial assistance program that helps eligible victims of crime with certain expenses related to the crime. Money for this program comes from court costs paid by criminals and deposited by each Texas county into the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund.

 The Crime Victims' Compensation Program is administered by the office of the attorney general and is dedicated to ensuring that crime victims receive every possible form of assistance provided by law.

 The Crime Victims' compensation program is available after primary sources of payment- such as health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, auto insurance or Texas Workers' Compensation- have been exhausted.

 If the court orders the offender to pay restitution to the victim for an expense that Crime Victims' Compensation has already paid, the victim may be required to reimburse the Fund. If the victim or claimant recovers money through the settlement of a civil suit against the offender or a third party, he or she may also have to reimburse the Fund. 

 To be eligible a person must:

  • Be a resident of Texas or another state with the crime occurring in Texas, or a Texas resident who becomes a victim in another state or in a country without a compensation program
  • Report the crime to a law enforcement agency within a reasonable period of time, but not so late as to interfere with or hamper the investigation and prosecution of the crime
  • File the application within three years of the date of the crime

 If the offense occurred in Roanoke, Texas please contact Ann Davids at 817-491-8115. Or, contact the Office of the Attorney General Crime Victims Compensation:


PO Box 12198

Austin, Texas 78711-2198

Statewide 800-983-9933

Austin 512-936-1200

Fax 512-936-1800



Click here to download the Crime Victims’ Compensation Application.