Motorcycle Rodeo Challenge

8th Annual Celebrate Roanoke Police Motorcycle Training & Skills Competition
The Roanoke Police Department, in partnership with A Biker’s Garage, will host the 2015 Celebrate Roanoke Police Motorcycle Training and Skills Competition on Friday, October 9th and Saturday, October 10th. The location of this year’s event has changed to 300 S. Oak Street. This new location will not only allow us to be closer to the Celebrate Roanoke festivities, but will also allow us more flexibility in the layout of the course. Our goal remains the same; to have a safe and fun event for riders, their families, and the spectators that are there to watch. Proceeds from this year’s event will again benefit the Shield Foundation and Spokes for Hope in their efforts to support not only the families of fallen officers, but also the children of our communities.

We hope you will join us to share a day of food, fun, friendship. The entry for the event is $50 per competitor and includes a goody bag, T-shirt, and lunch for the rider and his/her family on Saturday afternoon during the competition.

For any questions or for registration details, please contact Sergeant Sheppard by email or by calling 817-491-6052.