Museum Donations

Donation Policy

Due to a shortage of space, the Roanoke Visitor Center and Museum can only accept donations that relate to the history of Roanoke, Texas, or to a resident or former resident of Roanoke. The following are examples of items that would be greatly appreciated:

  • Antique books and school supplies
  • Antique clothing and jewelry
  • Antique musical instruments
  • Antique toys and dolls
  • Cooking equipment
  • Cuspidors (spittoons)
  • Documents
  • Farming, ranching, and woodworking tools
  • Furniture
  • Medical tools and medicine bottles
  • Military artifacts/uniforms
  • Photographs
  • Player piano
  • Quilts
  • Railroad artifacts
  • Saloon antiques (bottles, front and back bars, signs, tables, tokens, etc.)

If you are interested in donating item(s) that you believe significant to Roanoke and the surrounding area or Texas history in general, please stop by the Roanoke Visitor Center and Museum or contact us at 817-491-6090.