The Roanoke Municipal Court

Most court services are now available online to allow you to handle your citation remotely. Most violations do not require a personal appearance so please contact the Court to determine how best to process your citation without appearing in person. 


If you have received a Citation, there are several options available to you to resolve your citation:

1. Request a Court Docket appearance – You may file a written request for a court appearance date to appear before the Judge either in person or email: 

2. Pay your Citation in Full:
   a) Online
   b) Automated Phone Service: 866-296-2382

3. Deferred Disposition Request:
  • Click HERE to Pay Online and request Deferred Disposition online 
  • For a 30-day extension to pay the fines/fees and request Deferred Disposition:
    1. Complete this Form: Deferred Disposition Request
    2. Email to
4. Driving Safety Course Request:   a) Complete this Form: Driver's Safety Course Affidavit b) Email copy of your Driver's License and proof of insurance in your name to     

5. Compliance Dismissals:
     a) Click HERE to review the required documentation to present to the Court
     b) Submit documents
c) Call the Court Clerk's office to pay the required dismissal fee: 817-491-0813

Inability to Pay Fines & Costs in Full: 
If you are unable to pay a fine or costs in full when due, there are other options available to you, including extensions, payment plans as well as non-monetary alternatives such as community service, with sufficient proof of your financial condition. Please complete the form below and submit to the Court Clerk’s office. You MUST INCLUDE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION ALONG WITH YOUR REQUEST FOR REVIEW. 

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