Municipal Court 

 The Municipal Court is a court of record, having jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanors, traffic offenses and city ordinances including: parking offenses, school attendance offenses, fire safety, public health, sanitation and zoning ordinances for the City of Roanoke.


The mission of the Municipal Court is to serve all citizens in a courteous, efficient and professional manner. The Municipal Court is dedicated to the principles of fair and impartial justice administered with respect and equality. 

Citation Options

Plea & Payment: If you feel that you are guilty, or you do not wish to contest the charges alleged against you, a standard window fine for the offense may be paid.
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Request a Court Docket Appearance

You may file a written request for a court appearance date to appear before the Judge either in person or online here:   
Request a Court Date Appearance form

Forms MUST be submitted by MAIL or IN PERSON at the Court Clerk's office.


Inability to Pay Fines & Costs in Full

If you are unable to pay a fine or costs in full when due, there are other options available to you, including extensions, payment plans as well as non-monetary alternatives such as community service, with sufficient proof of your financial condition. Please complete the form below and submit to the Court Clerk’s office. You MUST INCLUDE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION ALONG WITH YOUR REQUEST FOR REVIEW. 

Financial Statement for Financial Hardship 

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