Summer Reading Club

Quick Facts:

  • Program begins June 3 and ends July 27
  • Registration opens May 28
  • Free, and open to all ages
  • Get prizes for every 5 hours you read
  • Read whatever you want! (comic, audio books, magazines, and blogs count, too!)
  • No library card required!


You can register online for our summer reading program right now!  We have three different programs split up by age group.  Simply click on the link below for more details and to register:

 (Please only register for one program if you are in an overlapping age group.)

Summer Reading Table Hours:

The table opens June 10, and closes July 27
  • Mon 11am-8pm
  • Wed 4pm-8pm
  •  Fri, Sat 10:30am-5:30pm

​Logging Minutes:

Start by logging into your program using the same link you did to register. On your HOME screen you'll see the option to enter the title or author of the book, the number of minutes read, and whether you've finished the book.

On the home screen you'll also see optional challenges to participate in for more prizes and rewards.

As you progress in the game, the website will also display the points you've gained by entering minutes and what upgrades you've earned, as well as whether you've earned any prizes from our program.

Getting Prizes:

Check your AWARDS tab to see what prizes you've earned, then stop by the library to collect your reward.

Most awards are given for every 5 hours, or 300 minutes that you read, but be sure to check out the additional challenges, too!

We will have a table setup with either staff or volunteers helping to distribute prizes throughout the summer.  Simply give them your information and they will give you your prizes and mark on your account that you have received them.

We will have coupons, books, and little trinkets to give out throughout the summer as well as entries into prize package drawings of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Have to Go to the Events to Be in the Reading Program?

You do not have to go to any events to participate in the reading program; however, you are welcome to come to any events you choose (for your age group).

What if I Go On Vacation?

If you have internet access you will be able to continue logging your minutes online. Otherwise, catch up on your logging when you get back!

Where Can I Get My Reading Materials?

You may get your reading material from the Roanoke Library, other libraries, home, friends, bookstores, or anywhere else!

Further Questions?

You can contact the following people for extra information about each program:
  • Kids (newborn to age 12): Ross Scoggin,
  • Teens (age 11 to 18): Sarah Thompson,
  • Adults (age 18 and up): Alicia Holston,
Or call the library at 817-491-2691 and ask your question.  We will do our best to make sure your question is answered.

Make sure to check the calendar for a list of all the other fun events in the library this summer!