Safe Baby Site

Safe Baby Site sign with drawing of arm around baby
Abandoned Babies
Of the over 100 babies who are abandoned each year in Texas, about 16 will be found dead. An unknown number of abandoned babies are never found. There is a solution. State law provides a responsible alternative to mothers who might otherwise abandon, harm, or murder a newborn child. The law states that a parent may leave an unharmed infant that is up to 60 days old, at any hospital or fire station with "no questions asked." This law, nicknamed "The Baby Moses Law," derived from the ancient story of baby Moses who was placed in a wicker basket by his mother to be saved from death and who grew up to become an important person in history.

Firefighters at the Roanoke Fire Station are prepared to care for your baby. Once fire firefighters have taken possession of the baby, the child will be transported to a hospital emergency room for a medical evaluation, at which time Child Protective Services will be contacted to take custody of the child.

Is It True That the Police Will Not Be Called?

The police will not be called if your unharmed baby (60 days old or less) is brought to the fire station or hospital and given to a person who works there. If you leave your unharmed baby with a worker at a fire station or hospital, you will not be prosecuted for abandonment or neglect.

If I Want to Leave My Baby at a Safe Baby Site, Where Can I Go?

  • You may take your baby to any hospital or fire station.
  • The Roanoke Fire Station is located at 201 Fairway Drive.
  • The station phone number is 817-491-2301.

Please remember that it is very important to actually give your baby to a person working at one of these facilities. Do not leave the baby at the door or in the parking lot. This is the best way to care for your baby.

You may take your unharmed baby, up to 60 days old, to a Safe Baby Site.

What Will They Ask Me?

The people at the Safe Baby Site where you choose to leave your baby will not ask questions seeking to learn your identity. They may ask you to provide medical information for your child. This is not an attempt to try to find out who you are. This information will be put in your baby's records and may help answer health questions in the future.