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  1. Railroad Quiet Zones

    I would like to have railroad quiet zones within the city limits of Roanoke. In doing limited research there are several requirements needed to get the state railroad office to designate crossings as...

    Apr 6, 2016 by Tim Lichte (5 points)

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  2. Please "connect" west bound ,Lois Rd. across Walnut st. so it goes straight ,

    buy enough land next to west bound Lois Rd that will make it connect straight to Lois Rd after Walnut St. The current dog leg is a traffic hazard.

    Jan 9, 2017 by jm dolly (23 points)

    0Votes Up 2Votes Down 0Comments

  3. rail road quiet zones ,ASAP

    shut up the annoying and unnecessary train horns , esp in the middle of the nite !

    Jan 9, 2017 by jm dolly (23 points)

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  4. make Howe St, go straight , all the way to Marshall Creek Rd.

    Make Howe st. go straight to Marshall Ck. Rd, the city already owns the land, and then re-plat the old roadway for resi. lots and sell the lots to cover the roadway costs ..

    Jan 9, 2017 by jm dolly (23 points)

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  5. Railroad Crossing

    What is going on with the crossing at Henrietta Creek Rd. and Hwy 377? I use that road to get to work via 377 and have been forced to find alternatives that last two weeks. Has a rail switch yard been...

    Mar 10, 2017 by Scott Hentges (5 points)

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